26 April, 2011

evil man.. haha..!!!!!

takot tak agak-agak.. bila berdepan dengan evil man ni.. mesti terkencing dalam seluar punya ni..
baca kisahnya pun dah ngeri.. apatah lagi bila berdepan dengan evil-evil man..
Yana kasi gamba dan namanya je la.. taip ngan kisah-kisah tak kan habis.. haha...

Genghis Khan
H. H. Holmes
Pedro Lopez
Adolf Eichmann
Josef Mengele
Amon Goeth
Nicolae Ceausescu
Talat Pasha
Gilles de Rais

Luis Garavito
The victims were peasant children, or street children, between the ages of 6 and 16. Garavito approached them on the street or countryside and offered them gifts or small amounts of money. After gaining their trust, he took the children for a walk and when they got tired, he would rape them, cut their throats, and usually dismember their corpses. Most corpses showed signs of torture.

 Jean-Bedel Bokassa
Oliver Cromwell
Shiro Ishii
Mao Zedong
Kim Father and Son
Heinrich Himmler

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muhamad hanif said...

fuhhh..mana la dia dpt picca nih kan..